Ep 2: A Cunning Linguist

On the second (we’re surprised too) episode of Talking Trash Nick & Jon discussed:

UFC 196 (1:00 – 10:40)

Should all athletes use steroids? Hint: yes. (10:40 – 15:40)

The news of Ben Simmons’ academic issues and the NCAA being a farce (15:40 – 23:55)

The Golden State Warriors (23:55 – 31:35)

Somehow James Jones being mentioned sparked Nick’s hatred of car guys (31:35 – 37:00)

Jon forced Nick into talking hockey. The Leafs future outlook and why Jon hates Leafs fans were the main topics. (37:00 – 52:30)

Jon and Nick in a showdown of live sports vs. watching on tv. Once again, it was a slobberknocker. (53:20)

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