Ep. 3 w/guest Matt Gayer: Popeyes Fried Chicken Parm


On the third episode of Talking Trash w/Nick & Jon we welcome a very special guest: OUA Defensive First-Team All-Star Matt Gayer of the Windsor Lancers.

Matt was only supposed to be on to talk about Popeyes Chicken opening in Windsor. He didn’t go. He conned his way onto the podcast. (0:42 – 8:20)

We honour the great career of Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson. (8:21 – 15:00)

Goose Gossage wants everyone to get off of his lawn. We LOVE showboating. He does not. We LOVE analytics. He does not. (15:25 – 23:57)

Kobe Bryant’s Farewell Tour Farce Extravaganza and his overall legacy. His career is a giant “What if?”. (23:58 – 39:00)

Peyton Manning retired this week. Why does he get a free pass from media scrutiny? Chicken parm, that’s why. (39:01 – 51:45)

Finishing things off with some more Calvin Johnson talk. What a player. Did he make Matt Stafford lazy? Is Matt Stafford any good? Jon and Matt think so. Nick does not care. (51:46 – 1:04)

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