Ep. 33: In Street Terms, I Guess You Would Say He Was Hammered

Nick, Jon & Megan bounced around to cover a lot of things including:

  • Georges St-Pierre’s return and McGregor vs. Mayweather. Both warrant zZzZzZ’s (1:32- 5:15)
  • Jim Harbaugh hiring the father of a future recruit. (5:15 – 7:25)
  • A Windsor man who was arrested for masturbating on a woman’s head. (7:25 – 12:33)
  • Donald Trump declining an invitation to fill out an NCAA bracket on ESPN. (12:33 – 13:38)
  • The re-release of Titanic. (13:38 – 15:15)
  • The proper name for the inside of a coconut. (15:15 – 16:27)
  • The MLB experimenting with rule changes. (16:27 – 18:44)
  • The reason we don’t do Picks of the Week anymore. It’s Megan’s fault.(18:44 – 20:59)
  • Catching up on the NHL and a few recent dirty plays. Also hockeyfights.com is a thing. (20:59 – 25:06)
  • Bandwagon fans and feeling proprietary aka Megan and Jon vs. Nick. (25:07 – 40:59)
  • Retail workers using prejudice to decide whether or not to help you. (40:59 – 46:56)
  • Megan’s flag football tournament. This segment is a lot better than it sounds. (46:56 – 49:33)
  • Nick and Jon mansplain the male gender’s never ending desire to explain things. (49:33 – 54:14)
  • A bad kid Nick encountered at HMV. (54:14 – 56:28)
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace. (56:28 – 1:03:06)

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Ep. 28: Goons, Hired Goons

Nick & Jon opened the show by talking about Donald Trump’s golden showers before getting into the NFL Playoffs (3:15), Derrick Rose’s disappearance (32:45), separating art from the artist (37:45), an idea for an Uber-like app for fighting people who need to be fought (40:23), the upcoming XFL 30 for 30 (52:37) and the possibility of being able to buy the last five minutes of a game rather than all of it (56:13).

DYWT? – Ep.1: Golden Globes, La La Land and Ryan Gosling

‘Did You Watch That?’ is the new podcast from Nick Azar & Megan Gayer. Every week we’ll talk about the things we’ve watched recently and any big entertainment news. Each episode will also feature a deep dive into the career of a current popular actor or actress. Their best/worst roles, our favourites and what we’d like to see them do next.


Nick & Megan talk about the Golden Globe Awards (5:20), their thoughts on the movie La La Land (22:09), SPOILERS FOR LA LA LAND (29:00) and then go through Ryan Gosling’s movie career on Rotten Tomatoes (36:14).