Ep. 28: Goons, Hired Goons

Nick & Jon opened the show by talking about Donald Trump’s golden showers before getting into the NFL Playoffs (3:15), Derrick Rose’s disappearance (32:45), separating art from the artist (37:45), an idea for an Uber-like app for fighting people who need to be fought (40:23), the upcoming XFL 30 for 30 (52:37) and the possibility of being able to buy the last five minutes of a game rather than all of it (56:13).

DYWT? – Ep.1: Golden Globes, La La Land and Ryan Gosling

‘Did You Watch That?’ is the new podcast from Nick Azar & Megan Gayer.¬†Every week we’ll talk about the things we’ve watched recently and any big entertainment news. Each episode will also feature a deep dive into the career of a current popular actor or actress. Their best/worst roles, our favourites and what we’d like to see them do next.


Nick & Megan talk about the Golden Globe Awards (5:20), their thoughts on the movie La La Land (22:09), SPOILERS FOR LA LA LAND (29:00) and then go through Ryan Gosling’s movie career on Rotten Tomatoes (36:14).

Ep. 27: It’s Hard to Be Ugly

Nick, Jon & Megan are back with a big announcement about a new separate podcast. After a quick chat about the holiday break, they get into the first round of the NFL playoffs (10:20), Ronda Rousey’s loss at UFC 207 (36:19), George Karl and Bobby Bowden’s absentee father comments (47:35), Ric Flair deadlifting and the XFL (59:08) and the very different ways Nick and Jon root for their teams (1:07:10).

Ep. 26: Express Written Consent

Nick, Jon & Megan recorded live (to tape) during the rain delay and extra innings of Game 7 of the World Series. In addition to talking about the game throughout, some other topics covered were: gender identities, athletes putting “Sr.” on the back of their jerseys, oversensitivity and more.

Ep. 24: I’d Rather Eat a Bowling Shoe

In between of making fun of Nick’s new headset Nick, Megan & Matt talked about the lack of technology in baseball/football, a racist old man story (8:26), college football players dropping the ball before they get to the end zone (11:22), creepy Instagram men (16:11), bowling alleys being disgusting (25:57), crying over celebrities (33:32), The Emmys (46:29), covering your webcam with tape (55:22), the worst teacher in Ontario (1:00:05) and the Italian woman who committed suicide after her sex tape went viral (1:05:19).

Ep. 23: All I’ve Ever Wanted to Be Was a Race Walker

Nick, Jon & Megan talked about things in Nick’s notes app including: car windshields, bad drivers, depressing commercials, the Olympics and having to wait at a drive thru (31:45), Colin Kaepernick not standing during the national anthem (31:45 – 47:13), football season approaching (54:45 – 1:00:40), the Scarborough Crossbow Killings (1:00:40 – 1:06:10) and Donald Trump’s nutjob doctor (1:06:10 – 1:17:35). Finally the Picks Of The Week were 2 books – “Your Favorite Band Is Killing Me” by Steven Hyden and “Look Who’s Back” by Timur Vermes with some music talk mixed in.