Ep. 50: I Probably Taste Awesome

Nick, Jon and Megan talked about the unpredictability of the NFL season (1:52), Eric Bledsoe being the latest example of why athletes should never tweet (15:37), the Dodgers-Astros World Series (23:30), Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s sex life (31:46), the kind of people who say “you’ve never been in a fight” (39:36), Halloween (45:59), how people who discover things must have felt (58:00), how empty Little Caesar’s Arena is (1:12:36) and more.


Ep. 34: If You Have to Ask, It Does

Nick, Jon and Megan talked about:

  • Alex Trebek reading rap lyrics on Jeopardy. (00:37 – 4:02)
  • All-day breakfast at McDonald’s and how all-day dinner would be better. (4:02 – 9:33)
  • MLB’s new automatic intentional walk rule. Stop trying to fix baseball. (9:33 – 11:44)
  • Magic Johnson having total control of the Lakers. How bad could he be? Probably very bad. (11:44 – 21:02)
  • Some weird places they’ve fallen asleep at and the unmatchable feeling of sleeping in your own bed. (24:44 – 35:28)
  • A WNBA player being bullied for being straight. Would this happen anywhere else? (35:28 – 43:37)
  • Another round of Megan and Jon vs. Nick. This time it’s on phone calls vs. texting. (43:37 – 50:40)

Ep. 26: Express Written Consent

Nick, Jon & Megan recorded live (to tape) during the rain delay and extra innings of Game 7 of the World Series. In addition to talking about the game throughout, some other topics covered were: gender identities, athletes putting “Sr.” on the back of their jerseys, oversensitivity and more.

Ep. 24: I’d Rather Eat a Bowling Shoe

In between of making fun of Nick’s new headset Nick, Megan & Matt talked about the lack of technology in baseball/football, a racist old man story (8:26), college football players dropping the ball before they get to the end zone (11:22), creepy Instagram men (16:11), bowling alleys being disgusting (25:57), crying over celebrities (33:32), The Emmys (46:29), covering your webcam with tape (55:22), the worst teacher in Ontario (1:00:05) and the Italian woman who committed suicide after her sex tape went viral (1:05:19).