Ep. 39: Mid-2000s Banger

Nick, Jon, Megan and Matt talked about:

The NBA Playoffs, LaVar Ball costing Lonzo Ball money and Ice Cube’s 3 on 3 league. (1:46 – 22:52)

The NHL Playoffs and the hit on Sidney Crosby. (22:52 – 27:54)

Thoughts on the results of the NFL Draft and absurdity of its coverage. (27:54 – 40:43)

The Ontario Government’s decision to make prescription drugs free for people under 25. (40:43 – 46:34)

The Garbage Person (People) of the Week. It’s the entire New York Mets organization. (46:34 – 50:28)

The disaster of Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival. (50:29 – 55:37)

Chris Rock’s show in Detroit, banning cell phones at live events and people who get offended by jokes. (1:01:18 – 1:16:38)

A fantasy draft to compile the best 5 people to record a classic mid-2000s style banger. (1:16:38)

Ep. 18: Skip to the Spin Doctors Part

Nick opened by sharing a parody song he recorded for the show. Then Nick & Jon talked about the public reaction to the NBA Finals and the draft (2:18 – 23:45), Hungary’s goalie playing soccer in sweatpants (23:45 – 30:30), Las Vegas getting a hockey team and the NHL not needing to expand (32:50 -37:29), why they think the Rio Olympics should be cancelled (37:29 – 47:14) and a minor league team in Michigan having a “bring your guns to the ballpark” night.

Ep. 15: If Steve Buscemi Was a Bank Teller

Nick, Jon & Megan talked about Game 1 of the NBA Finals, people who aren’t traditionally attractive who you’re attracted to (7:40), which foods cause the worst breath (24:22), Harambe The Gorilla (31:50), Picks of the Week (39:42), condescending sports fans (52:35) and how sensitive everyone is about everything (1:01:22).

Links from the show:

Sons Of An Illustrious Father – Moonshiner (Bob Dylan Cover): www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hnsUNBctak

Frank Zappa – Muffin Man: www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMwY49vTBk0

How do men react when women tell them they’re sports fans?: www.redeyechicago.com/sports/redeye-…miumvideo.html