Ep. 50: I Probably Taste Awesome

Nick, Jon and Megan talked about the unpredictability of the NFL season (1:52), Eric Bledsoe being the latest example of why athletes should never tweet (15:37), the Dodgers-Astros World Series (23:30), Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s sex life (31:46), the kind of people who say “you’ve never been in a fight” (39:36), Halloween (45:59), how people who discover things must have felt (58:00), how empty Little Caesar’s Arena is (1:12:36) and more.


Ep. 36: Most People Aren’t Pornstars

Nick, Jon and Megan talked about:

Daylight Saving Time being dumb (1:35 – 4:17)

The incredible (and possibly fake but hopefully real) Siberian Hunger Games. (4:17 – 14:44)

The iCon. It’s basically a fitbit for your weiner. (14:44 – 24:42)

An update on the Lenten season. Jon and Megan are going to heaven. Nick is not. (27:16 – 32:52)

The NFL breaking federal drug laws. What a surprise. (32:52 – 37:11)

St. Patrick’s Day (37:11 – 41:41)

Nick’s brother Matt joined the show to talk about St. Clair College in Windsor getting an eSports team. (41:41 – 56:47)

Ezekiel Elliot exposing a woman’s boob in public.(56:47 – 1:00:22)

Connor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather. Can’t these guys just shut up and fight? (1:00:22 – 1:03:30)

A lack of excitement for the NCAA tournament. (1:03:30 – 1:07:19)

Finally, a preview of next week’s March Madness Food Bracket episode. (1:07:19)

Ep. 28: Goons, Hired Goons

Nick & Jon opened the show by talking about Donald Trump’s golden showers before getting into the NFL Playoffs (3:15), Derrick Rose’s disappearance (32:45), separating art from the artist (37:45), an idea for an Uber-like app for fighting people who need to be fought (40:23), the upcoming XFL 30 for 30 (52:37) and the possibility of being able to buy the last five minutes of a game rather than all of it (56:13).