Ep. 40: I’m Not a Psychologist but I’ve Talked to One

Nick, Jon and Megan talked about:

The never-ending debate of LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan. (00:50 – 9:09)

FBI Director James Comey finding out about being fired on TV. (9:09 – 17:39)

The idea of The Rock legitimately running for President. (17:39 – 20:51)

The power of the Internet getting that kid his nuggets. (20:51 – 24:01)

The Bow Wow Challenge and the desire to show off but also be fake humble on social media. (24:01 – 36:41)

Matt Harvey’s Cinco De Mayo weekend. (39:44 – 44:45)

The negative perception of airlines in the media. (44:45 – 50:37)

Some recent racism in the sports world. (50:38)



Ep. 18: Skip to the Spin Doctors Part

Nick opened by sharing a parody song he recorded for the show. Then Nick & Jon talked about the public reaction to the NBA Finals and the draft (2:18 – 23:45), Hungary’s goalie playing soccer in sweatpants (23:45 – 30:30), Las Vegas getting a hockey team and the NHL not needing to expand (32:50 -37:29), why they think the Rio Olympics should be cancelled (37:29 – 47:14) and a minor league team in Michigan having a “bring your guns to the ballpark” night.

Ep. 17: Don’t You Love Your Kid?

Nick & Jon talked about LeBron James, Game 6 of the NBA Finals and Stephen A. Smith’s reaction to Ayesha Curry’s post-game tweeting (00:00-24:10)

The reaction to the Orlando shooting and the clown Donald Trump https://theringer.com/how-republicans-can-beat-trump-after-orlando-response-d9dc82e6c076#.xeqaakly4 (24:10-43:35)

“Parent Shaming #gators” (43:35-53:10).

A game of This or That? The choices were: breakfast or dinner? Sit down or stand up when you wipe? NSYNC or Backstreet Boys? N64 or Playstation 2? Deaf or blind? (53:10-1:08:38)

Picks of the Week:

Alphabetical Slaughter by Papoose – www.youtube.com/watch?v=SApmSrHDh…&feature=youtu.be

In My Life by James Hetfield (Beatles cover) – www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0ZfzWLsbw4

Finally, they tested out PornHub’s new descriptive video feature and talked about soccer fans being hooligans. (1:20:38-1:32:00)

Ep. 16: Overrated, Underrated or Properly Rated?

Nick, Jon & Megan talk about the Stanford (scumbag) swimmer’s rape trial and that whole ordeal.

Then played a game of “Overrated, Underrated or Properly Rated” and the topics included:

Ice cream, Pelee Island, bonfires, pornography, LeBron James, Tom Brady, leather seats, being handsome, The Keg, sushi and Pizza Hut buffet. (14:20)

Picks of the Week: But What If We’re Wrong by Chuck Klosterman (book) and www.theringer.com(website, obviously). (51:40)

Finally, rapid fire on Euro 2016, the NBA Finals, the U.S. Presidential race, bestiality not being completely illegal, Passion of the Christ 2 ideas and remembering Gordie Howe. (56:30)

Ep. 7: Your Horn Be Damned


Nick & Jon talk about Jon’s recent appearance on Valenti & Foster on 97.1 The Ticket. The current state of the Detroit Red Wings and look ahead to the NHL Playoffs. (00:42 – 11:40)

The baseball season is underway and it took 3 games for Blue Jays manager John Gibbons to say something stupid. We love how homerific local broadcasters are. New season, same old Tigers bullpen. (11:40 – 27:10)

LeBron James is heating up. Are the Raptors legit contenders? Now that the Warriors look human, it doesn’t look like such a cake walk to the championship. (27:10 – 41:15)

The debut of the completely original, not at all stolen from every other sports show segment RAPID FIRE. Today’s questions: Does the Warriors getting the win record matter? Is Erik Karlsson the best offensive defensemen since Orr? Is a Tiger-less Masters relevant? Should Thon Maker be allowed in the NBA Draft? Was the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship the best game ever?

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