Ep. 50: I Probably Taste Awesome

Nick, Jon and Megan talked about the unpredictability of the NFL season (1:52), Eric Bledsoe being the latest example of why athletes should never tweet (15:37), the Dodgers-Astros World Series (23:30), Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s sex life (31:46), the kind of people who say “you’ve never been in a fight” (39:36), Halloween (45:59), how people who discover things must have felt (58:00), how empty Little Caesar’s Arena is (1:12:36) and more.


Ep. 28: Goons, Hired Goons

Nick & Jon opened the show by talking about Donald Trump’s golden showers before getting into the NFL Playoffs (3:15), Derrick Rose’s disappearance (32:45), separating art from the artist (37:45), an idea for an Uber-like app for fighting people who need to be fought (40:23), the upcoming XFL 30 for 30 (52:37) and the possibility of being able to buy the last five minutes of a game rather than all of it (56:13).

Ep. 27: It’s Hard to Be Ugly

Nick, Jon & Megan are back with a big announcement about a new separate podcast. After a quick chat about the holiday break, they get into the first round of the NFL playoffs (10:20), Ronda Rousey’s loss at UFC 207 (36:19), George Karl and Bobby Bowden’s absentee father comments (47:35), Ric Flair deadlifting and the XFL (59:08) and the very different ways Nick and Jon root for their teams (1:07:10).