Ep. 39: Mid-2000s Banger

Nick, Jon, Megan and Matt talked about:

The NBA Playoffs, LaVar Ball costing Lonzo Ball money and Ice Cube’s 3 on 3 league. (1:46 – 22:52)

The NHL Playoffs and the hit on Sidney Crosby. (22:52 – 27:54)

Thoughts on the results of the NFL Draft and absurdity of its coverage. (27:54 – 40:43)

The Ontario Government’s decision to make prescription drugs free for people under 25. (40:43 – 46:34)

The Garbage Person (People) of the Week. It’s the entire New York Mets organization. (46:34 – 50:28)

The disaster of Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival. (50:29 – 55:37)

Chris Rock’s show in Detroit, banning cell phones at live events and people who get offended by jokes. (1:01:18 – 1:16:38)

A fantasy draft to compile the best 5 people to record a classic mid-2000s style banger. (1:16:38)

Ep. 38: Restart My Heart and I’ll Get Back out There

Nick, Jon, Megan and Michele talked about:

The Maple Leafs playoff run changing Nick’s mind about bandwagon fans. (3:30 – 12:55)

The newest segment called “Garbage Person of the Week”. This week’s winner (loser) is Madison Bumgarner. (12:55 – 24:41)

Debating which sport is the best to watch on TV. (24:41 – 33:37)

The Borussia Dortmund team bus bombing story being completely bananas. (33:37 – 39:04)

Adam Sandler’s weird popularity. (40:59 – 48:13)

The joy of shopping online and never having to talk to anyone. (48:13 – 55:47)

An 12 year old girl in Japan fighting a 24 year old in an MMA event. (55:47 – 1:01:53)

Which That 70s Show character was the best? (1:01:53)

Ep. 33: In Street Terms, I Guess You Would Say He Was Hammered

Nick, Jon & Megan bounced around to cover a lot of things including:

  • Georges St-Pierre’s return and McGregor vs. Mayweather. Both warrant zZzZzZ’s (1:32- 5:15)
  • Jim Harbaugh hiring the father of a future recruit. (5:15 – 7:25)
  • A Windsor man who was arrested for masturbating on a woman’s head. (7:25 – 12:33)
  • Donald Trump declining an invitation to fill out an NCAA bracket on ESPN. (12:33 – 13:38)
  • The re-release of Titanic. (13:38 – 15:15)
  • The proper name for the inside of a coconut. (15:15 – 16:27)
  • The MLB experimenting with rule changes. (16:27 – 18:44)
  • The reason we don’t do Picks of the Week anymore. It’s Megan’s fault.(18:44 – 20:59)
  • Catching up on the NHL and a few recent dirty plays. Also hockeyfights.com is a thing. (20:59 – 25:06)
  • Bandwagon fans and feeling proprietary aka Megan and Jon vs. Nick. (25:07 – 40:59)
  • Retail workers using prejudice to decide whether or not to help you. (40:59 – 46:56)
  • Megan’s flag football tournament. This segment is a lot better than it sounds. (46:56 – 49:33)
  • Nick and Jon mansplain the male gender’s never ending desire to explain things. (49:33 – 54:14)
  • A bad kid Nick encountered at HMV. (54:14 – 56:28)
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace. (56:28 – 1:03:06)

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Ep. 18: Skip to the Spin Doctors Part

Nick opened by sharing a parody song he recorded for the show. Then Nick & Jon talked about the public reaction to the NBA Finals and the draft (2:18 – 23:45), Hungary’s goalie playing soccer in sweatpants (23:45 – 30:30), Las Vegas getting a hockey team and the NHL not needing to expand (32:50 -37:29), why they think the Rio Olympics should be cancelled (37:29 – 47:14) and a minor league team in Michigan having a “bring your guns to the ballpark” night.

Ep. 8: For Sale

Nick and Jon discussed last night’s Red Wings loss and where they think the rest of the series is going, how the Raptors and Pistons will fare in the NBA playoffs (12:30), Kobe Bryant’s final game and overall career(23:30) and why professional sports teams shouldn’t sell advertising on jerseys (45:20). Then finish off with some rapid fire on Percy Harvin, Thon Maker, the Rams-Titans trade and how fat Pablo Sandoval is (1:02:10).

Ep. 7: Your Horn Be Damned


Nick & Jon talk about Jon’s recent appearance on Valenti & Foster on 97.1 The Ticket. The current state of the Detroit Red Wings and look ahead to the NHL Playoffs. (00:42 – 11:40)

The baseball season is underway and it took 3 games for Blue Jays manager John Gibbons to say something stupid. We love how homerific local broadcasters are. New season, same old Tigers bullpen. (11:40 – 27:10)

LeBron James is heating up. Are the Raptors legit contenders? Now that the Warriors look human, it doesn’t look like such a cake walk to the championship. (27:10 – 41:15)

The debut of the completely original, not at all stolen from every other sports show segment RAPID FIRE. Today’s questions: Does the Warriors getting the win record matter? Is Erik Karlsson the best offensive defensemen since Orr? Is a Tiger-less Masters relevant? Should Thon Maker be allowed in the NBA Draft? Was the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship the best game ever?

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