Ep. 39: Mid-2000s Banger

Nick, Jon, Megan and Matt talked about:

The NBA Playoffs, LaVar Ball costing Lonzo Ball money and Ice Cube’s 3 on 3 league. (1:46 – 22:52)

The NHL Playoffs and the hit on Sidney Crosby. (22:52 – 27:54)

Thoughts on the results of the NFL Draft and absurdity of its coverage. (27:54 – 40:43)

The Ontario Government’s decision to make prescription drugs free for people under 25. (40:43 – 46:34)

The Garbage Person (People) of the Week. It’s the entire New York Mets organization. (46:34 – 50:28)

The disaster of Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival. (50:29 – 55:37)

Chris Rock’s show in Detroit, banning cell phones at live events and people who get offended by jokes. (1:01:18 – 1:16:38)

A fantasy draft to compile the best 5 people to record a classic mid-2000s style banger. (1:16:38)

Ep. 38: Restart My Heart and I’ll Get Back out There

Nick, Jon, Megan and Michele talked about:

The Maple Leafs playoff run changing Nick’s mind about bandwagon fans. (3:30 – 12:55)

The newest segment called “Garbage Person of the Week”. This week’s winner (loser) is Madison Bumgarner. (12:55 – 24:41)

Debating which sport is the best to watch on TV. (24:41 – 33:37)

The Borussia Dortmund team bus bombing story being completely bananas. (33:37 – 39:04)

Adam Sandler’s weird popularity. (40:59 – 48:13)

The joy of shopping online and never having to talk to anyone. (48:13 – 55:47)

An 12 year old girl in Japan fighting a 24 year old in an MMA event. (55:47 – 1:01:53)

Which That 70s Show character was the best? (1:01:53)

Ep. 14: B.Y.O.P.

Nick, Jon & Megan talked about the Raptors recent casino trip, played a very diverse game of Fuck, Marry or Kill? with NBA players, cartoon characters, superheroes and more (13:57), if you could live in the world of a TV show, which show would you pick? (33:45) If you could have one artist come to your house to play one song who and what would it be? (43:14), the outcry to widen Highway 3 in Windsor-Essex (52:45), Picks of The Week (59:45) and Secret Life of The Human Pups (1:21:00).

Links from the show:

Bucky F*cking Dent by David Duchovny: www.amazon.ca/Bucky-F-cking-Dent…words=bucky+f+dent

Hot Chocolate – Every 1’s a Winner: www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQsg6XXGxXQ

Banshee: www.imdb.com/title/tt2017109/

Spring King – Detroit: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YD01EMtV-hw

Johnny Flynn – In April: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJGFXuC_Enc

Secret Life of The Human Pups: www.buzzfeed.com/scottybryan/who-…P1vdqL#.et8PGYOn



Ep. 12: O Canada

Nick, Jon & Megan talked about the Raptors recent win, dumb internet reactions to the Fort McMurray situation (15:50), Donald Trump’s butler (23:10), the old generation vs. millennials (28:10), the recent Joe Paterno news (36:43), the value of human life vs. animals (44:30), if anyone is immune to being meme’d (57:45), Rob Gronkowski (1:02:25) and Nick getting tickets to the broadway musical “Hamilton” (1:05:55).

Ep. 9: Maybe An Eggplant Or Two?

We were joined by friend of the show Megan Gayer to talk about the Raptors big playoff win over the Pacers and the Pistons game against the Cavaliers. Jon was in attendance for the Red Wings Game 3 win over the Lightning (22:55). The definitive ranking of Red Wings players based on their attractiveness (39:45). We finished off with rapid fire on Ethiopians sweeping the Boston Marathon, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Ronda Rousey, Kawhi Leonard and Eddie Lacy (52:10).

Ep. 8: For Sale

Nick and Jon discussed last night’s Red Wings loss and where they think the rest of the series is going, how the Raptors and Pistons will fare in the NBA playoffs (12:30), Kobe Bryant’s final game and overall career(23:30) and why professional sports teams shouldn’t sell advertising on jerseys (45:20). Then finish off with some rapid fire on Percy Harvin, Thon Maker, the Rams-Titans trade and how fat Pablo Sandoval is (1:02:10).