Ep. 40: I’m Not a Psychologist but I’ve Talked to One

Nick, Jon and Megan talked about:

The never-ending debate of LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan. (00:50 – 9:09)

FBI Director James Comey finding out about being fired on TV. (9:09 – 17:39)

The idea of The Rock legitimately running for President. (17:39 – 20:51)

The power of the Internet getting that kid his nuggets. (20:51 – 24:01)

The Bow Wow Challenge and the desire to show off but also be fake humble on social media. (24:01 – 36:41)

Matt Harvey’s Cinco De Mayo weekend. (39:44 – 44:45)

The negative perception of airlines in the media. (44:45 – 50:37)

Some recent racism in the sports world. (50:38)



Ep 1: Are You Sure You Don’t Want Any Grapes?

On the very first (and quite possibly last) episode of Talking Trash, Nick and Jon talk about:

Jon’s lack of technological knowledge, Kanye West using PirateBay and artists speaking their mind. (1:48-15:57)

Nick and Jon take turns drafting NBA players to wrestle in a 5v5 Survivor Series style tag-team match. It was a slobberknocker. (15:58)

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